Saturday, 11 December 2010

maybe I'll be working until I'm dead,

I turned 16 in July, and since then, I've had three jobs. I haven't been fired from these jobs, no, they've just run their course for the while. My first was excellent, my favourite by far with the best pay, the second was flexible with again, good pay, and I could get through it. The job I'm doing at the minute is okay, I work with friends and in a team, a good thing to put on my CV, but I know some people older than me who aren't in full-time education and don't have a job; they're wasting their lives. I know I complain about working, being tired and such afterwards, but I don't think I take it for granted. I love earning money, I love knowing it's mine, and I like being sensible with it. However the way things are looking in the world, it's unlikely that I'll be able to build up a decent pension unless I hit the jack-pot with a million-pound paying job, but I shouldn't be thinking about that at the minute, should I? I'm young. Not stupid. I want to enjoy life, so I guess I just need to do the dirty work now and maybe then I'll appreciate things a lot more in the future; this is just a head-start.

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  1. Oh wow, three jobs.. I haven't had one yet, I don't really have the time but I want to find a job during summer holidays!
    And yes, in Belgium you have important exams with Christmas (the weeks before Christmas) and at the end of the school year (in June) so yeah, it definitely sucks!